Call for Statements...Share your VOICE

I have curated Voices & Visions; Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease since 2010.  Each exhibit has called for work that expresses how cancer affects our lives.  The first 3 exhibits focused on women’s health, with an emphasis on breast and ovarian cancer.  Last year, we broadened our call to include all work about cancer as a metaphor for facing mortality and how those struggles help us find meaning. All revealed the power of art on healing.  As part of the Voices part of the exhibits, we have asked questions to the community, including artists and non artists, pertaining to how cancer has changed our perspectives on our bodies, our ability to find strength even when vulnerable, ways cancer has shaped us, and how cancer can be a metaphor.  The result has been an overwhelming expression of a common theme - that out of darkness comes light.  While I await for new entries, I reflect on what question I should ask this year.  Inspired by my friend Marlene, who wrote a manifesto read at her memorial service called, “The Fringe Benefits of Cancer”, which she wrote a year earlier after her breast cancer had spread to her brain.  In her honor, as well as that of my mom to whom I am dedicating the 2016 exhibit, I would like to ask this question.


 In the words of my friend Marlene, 

Is there a “fringe benefit” of cancer?  If so, feel free to share a positive impact of cancer on your life.


Please feel free to respond on this post, or email me directly to

I am hoping to get as many responses as possible to fill our wall with your voices.