Suspension of Time and Place Series

Using photo transfers, fiber paper, pastels, and paint, I layer the complexities of emotions surrounding death, loss and disease.  Believing that out of darkness comes light, I hope to explore the dichotomy between pain and beauty, connection and separation, life and death. In these series, I use my mom’s snapshots, cutting and manipulating from foreground to background.  I merge images together on a large panels, combining parts of my story within the context of family history and heritage. I appropriate and reconstruct my mother’s journey while cutting up my writing to deconstruct my story in relation to our combined memories.  The sense of shared history is where the intersection of lives lived connect.

Sense of time and Place

What happens to your photographs and snapshots that make up your life?  Do they get tossed away or do they mark the footprint of your life? I have appropriated the bins of my mom’s snapshots to recreate her path, to mark her journey in an abstract way, to redefine her life’s story in context to my own.  I paint over the actual photos to transform the “snapshot” into something more complex. And intertwined, I piece together my writing to reconstruct our story, our lineage, and our genetic heritage.